What is Vanilla Box Productions?

Vanilla Box  Productions was created in 2007 by Joel and Christine Seger. The couple met over 25 years ago while performing in community theater . Together, the pair spent many years performing, choreography, and directing, combined they have done over 100 shows. In the fall of 1994, the pair opened CCS Dance Academy, and it was there they saw the opportunity to merge the 3 things they loved most, theater, dance, and education.

Originally based out of their dance studio, Vanilla  Box Productions was to be an educational theater camp for young performers. It was here that students between the age of 8 and 18 would learn the fundamentals of theater. The day is broken up into 2 components. In the morning, the students are divided into small groups by age to  have classes in basic jazz dance for the stage, acting, and music /voice. In the afternoon, the groups come together and work on their show. Performing in a dance studio space that had been transformed into a small theater, this popular camp was selling out shows with not a seat to spare.

In the Summer of 2013, Vanilla Box Productions and their campers made a leap to the big stage, moving the entire company to Worcester. Now in residence at Holy Name High School at 144 Granite Street, the possibilities became endless. The window was now open to attract young performers from a lager demographic area and for the fist time to add a community theater production for performers 18 and over.  The adult show debut in August 2013 was the Broadway Musical “Anything Goes”.

Vanilla Box continues to grow with a larger staff, bigger production value, and wider audiences, yet it still manages to keeps its small theater feel and charm. Although Joel and Christine are very proud of the direction their company is headed, they want to make sure that everyone has a place on the Vanilla Box stage and as a part of their “Vanilla Box family.”

Christine C. Seger Joel D. Seger